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100% BPA free chewable silicone toy strap all in one piece.

This innovative toy saver has NO plastic, or metal parts that may come off and become a choking hazard. 

Suitable for attaching our toys or bangles to button holes, bags, belt loops... The stretchy silicone offers a whole host of possibilities!

Sensory bumps can be found along the length, add to that the soft matt silicone, and it is a delight to feel and play with.

Suitable for age 3+.

CHEWIGEM® is designed for mild to moderate chewers.  Due to the intended use of the product, wear and tear are expected and products should be checked routinely for damage.  Discard and replace immediately once damaged. Necklaces are not intended to be worn for children under age 3 due to the concern of long cord strangulation.

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