Sensory Matters Exploratory Bag

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Have you ever had 'that' experience where you wish your child would amuse themselves quietly? These handmade exploratory bags will entertain children for hours while they try to find all the items hiding inside (photographs of actual items inside bag are listed on an attached laminated card).

They are great to use at times when you need the child to be quietly entertained, for example in the car, shopping trolley, pram, aeroplane, church, waiting rooms, and in the meantime they are able to further develop their fine motor skills which are used to manipulate the hundreds of pellets inside which are hiding the objects.

These are a brilliant educational toy as well, helping children develop their focus skills and memory while using the attached card to prompt which object they are looking for each time. They are also a great fidget and tactile bag.

As small items inside the bags pose a choking hazard these exploratory bags are not recommended for children under 3 years old.

The bags are approximately 18cm x 15cm (small enough for younger children to manipulate).

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