Sensory Matters Weighted Lap Bag 2.5kg (Stainless Steel)

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These weighted lap bags are used in many home, clinical, school and work environments for those living with (but not limited to): Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, ADHD, ADD, Anxiety and Restless Leg Syndrome. They can be very helpful for the child who is unable to sit still in their chair, constantly fidgeting/squirming as they are seated, easily distracted, unable to focus on the task they have been set or to sit quietly and listen to the subject being discussed.

They are made in boy/girl/unisex prints and filled with space saving stainless steel pellets which provide the same weight as plastic pellets without the bulk, so are great for school bags! The pellets are separated into 10 sections to ensure balanced weight distribution. Price is for 1.5kg. Also available in 2.0kg. Send us an email to order more weight. 

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