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Thank-you for visiting Resource Link. We hope you enjoy browsing our products. 

Resource Link was started to meet the needs of families of children with additional needs. We wanted to offer families a "one stop shop" when it came to purchasing therapy resources and educational toys. We found that many families were overwhelmed by the number of different suppliers and often shipping costs became very expensive when making multiple purchases. 

As well as being a convenient online store, Resource Link now operates out of the Kid Link Occupational Therapy clinic in Ringwood, a suburb in Melbourne's east. All of our products are selected in collaboration with Occupational Therapists, who frequently use and recommend the products offered by Resource Link. 

An added bonus is that shoppers can also pick up and view products at 37 Great Ryrie Street, Ringwood, Victoria, by appointment. 

We would love to hear from you. Please email sales@resourcelink.com.au with any questions. 

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